You wonder if there are potential donors beyond the large, well-known Milwaukee-based funders for your work. With access to Foundation Search, an extensive national corporate and foundation data base, I can look for new potential funders. This database identifies who gives money to the Milwaukee area, no matter where the foundation/corporation is located. It also notes relationships of your Board members to other funders of interest.


You want to maximize your direct mail and corporate/foundation proposals with a compelling case statement to enhance/ encourage donations and sponsorships. A review and rewrite of your case proposition and solicitations may make all the difference.


You don’t have time to write that big proposal to that major foundation. I can do it for you.


You have a fundraising project – large or small – but you don’t have the staff or time to do it yourself. You’d like to bring on a person who has the expertise to just take over and get the job done without a lot of support and supervision by you. I would be glad to do it for you.